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How Cardio Aids in Weight Loss

Cardio is an essential component to any workout, it has many health benefits and can contribute to your calorie deficit. Combined with a healthy diet, cardio training can deliver results that are both immediate and long-lasting. Cardio workouts improve aerobic fitness, which is the ability to move and use oxygen while training. Health authorities recommend 150 minutes of cardio exercise a week to reduce health risks, and with a lot of practice, over time the body will adapt to the demands placed upon it, which leads to the ability to take on a heavy workload.


Cardio is one of the smallest amounts of effective fitness modalities for weight loss. For beginners, a low-intensity workout would equate to performing at 40-50 percent of one’s maximum pulse. A moderate workout would come in at 50-70 percent of the maximum and high-intensity workouts reach 70-85 percent of the max.


Creating a calorie deficit is what you need to do to lose weight. If you work out your caloric maintenance levels and subtract 100-200 calories, you’ll be able to lose weight. Cardio is not strictly necessary to lose weight, but it can aid you. Do some research and try out different diets and training methods to find what works best for you.