Mufit for Company, corporate wellness solutions untuk perusahaan anda.

Mufit for Company, corporate wellness solutions untuk perusahaan anda. Learn More

Mufit Class Benefits

1. Yoga

Helps to build your strength, awareness and harmony in both mind and body.


- Increase your flexibility
- Improve respiration, energy and vitality
- Cardio and circulatory health
- Maintain a balanced metabolism
- Stress relief


2. Ultimate Combat

A whole-body workout that’ll help you burn fat, release stress and improve your coordination.


- Improve heart and lung function
- Improve bone density, posture, core strength, and stability
- Develop coordination and agility
- Fat burning


3. Stretch To Fit

It is important to activate the blood flow through your muscles while you are at home. With Stretch to Fit, you can keep your muscles flexible, strong and healthy, improve your posture and maintain your body’s flexibility.


- Increase your flexibility
- Improves blood flow to your muscles
- Decrease muscle soreness
- Improves your posture
- Great stress relief and can calm your mind


4. Bootcamp

A mixture of aerobic and resistance training exercise. This workout will increase your heart rate and keep your metabolic rate higher even hours after the exercise.


- Help in weight loss
- Improves oxygen consumption
- Burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time
- Develop muscle strength
- Reduce heart rate and blood pressure


5. Zumba

Enjoy your exercise routine by dancing along wtih Zumba, a fun exercise combining dance and fitness moves, that can help you de-stress, improve your coordination and make you feel happy throughout the exercise.


- Stress relief
- Great for weight loss
- Boosts your heart health
- Improves coordination
- Helps tone every muscle group


6. Barre

This exercise is a mixture of movements and positions of dance, combined with yoga and pilates. Focusing on your lower body, this class will help you develop strength and flexibility around the ankles up to your glutes.


- Strengthen and tones your muscles
- Maximize the ­strength of stabilizing muscles and emphasizing balance
- Improves your posture
- Increase your flexibility
- Stress relief


7. Pilates

Pilates is all about concentrating and breathing. Though it focuses on your main core, you will also gain strength in your arms and legs. Boost your flexibility and joint movement by joining this Pilates class.


- Increases awareness towards body and mind connection
- Creates strength without bulk
- Increases flexibility
- Develops core strength
- Promotes weight loss and long, lean appearance